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Project Approach

This study seeks to create a long term sustainable transportation strategy for the area.  This only can be accomplished through insightful planning that includes an evaluation of  possible alternative where different types of development and the distribution of growth is considered.  This process is referred to as Scenario Planning.  Each scenario will be evaluated against a predetermined set of goals and performance measures.  This will lead to the development of a preferred growth scenario around which the transportation strategy will be framed.  The Southwest Area Study therefore is a planning process that considers land use, environment, and transportation simultaneously with the hope of resolving conflicts between competing interests.  Over the course of the study several work tasks will address the diverse element of the study including:


Transportation   Growth Scenarios & Environment



Land Use

  • Traffic Safety
  • Traffic Operations
  • Transit Options
  • Biking & Walking
  • Street Design
  • Land Suitability
  • Development Conflicts
  • Greenprint & Preservation
  • Scenario Planning Report Card
  • Preferred Growth Scenario


Economic Vitality   Public Input



Public Input

  • Market Position Study
  • Development Conflicts Map
  • Development Opportunities
  • Business Stakeholders
  • Oversight Committee/Core Technical Team
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Project Symposiums
  • Public Workshops


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